Powershell SharePoint

SharePoint 2013 has set of PowerShell features. PowerShell can manage a SharePoint environment in 2010 when Microsoft first announced SharePoint 2010. People were using a CMD tool called stsadm to manage their environments. Using automated script and stsadm admin can create millions of sites.

Now with PowerShell much faster than the traditional command line way of doing things. With every major release since then, Microsoft just kept adding more and more new PowerShell methods to make our life as easy as possible.

PowerShell Web Access (PWA) is something that could easily be implemented to ease your job as a SharePoint administrator. With PowerShell version 3.0, which introduced this new feature. It is a mechanism by which administrators can set up a web portal on the SharePoint server to allow remote authenticated users to run PowerShell commands at a distance.

This can prove very helpful in certain scenarios if you don't have VPN support to instantiate a remote session on the server to allow them to run PowerShell on it directly.

PowerShell Web Access would prove to be extremely useful in such scenarios.

let see how we cna take help of powershell to sharepoint web site deployment.

Changeor disable throttling settings SharePoint
Disable throttling on specific list sharepoint

Commands Every SharePoint Admin Should Know
There are more than 100 commands for sharepoint.
To make this instance aware of SharePoint, you can add the SharePoint PowerShell add-in using below command


    Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell

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To see all the commands, just use the command -


    Get-Command -PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell

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