Powershell try catch finally

You can intercept any error in try, catch and finally statements.

PowerShell supports try/catch/finally, that should feel familiar to all java, .Net developers.

PowerShell Version 1 introduced the trap statement that still works; I prefer try/catch/finally.

If you are familar with any other programming language, like other programming languages commands you should execute should be placed in try block.
$error variable should be written in catch block.
Finally as name suggest, you should do the clean up or release the occupied resourses if any.


    try {
        Remove-Item "C:\doentexist\file.txt" -ErrorAction Stop
    catch [System.Management.Automation.ItemNotFoundException] {
        Write-Host "item not found" -ForegroundColor red
    catch {
        Write-Host "undefined errors" -ForegroundColor orange
        Write-Host $error[0] -ForegroundColor orange
    finally {
        "Finally block"

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