Powershell Logic

The If Condition Powershell lets you execute code based on conditions. To test a condition you use an if statement. The if statement returns true or false, based on your test: The if statement starts a script block The condition is written inside parenthesis The code inside the braces is executed if the test is true

Operator and its Description

Operator Description
-eq Equal to
-lt Less than
-gt Greater than
-ge Greater than or Eqaul to
-le Less than or equal to
-ne Not equal to


$a = "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog"
$z = "fox"
If ($a -contains $z)
$b = "The line is " + $True
$b = "This is lie and " + $false 

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Outpout will be else block
Example 2


$Users = "John Doe","Dave Davis","Dick Jones"
$Users -contains "John Doe"
The result is True

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Examples for comparison operators are -eq, -ne, -ge, -notlike, -gt, -lt, -le, -like, -match, -notmatch, -contains, -notcontains, -is, -isnot, -in, -notin, and so on.

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