NAME Remove-BitsTransfer SYNOPSIS Cancels a Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) transfer job. SYNTAX Remove-BitsTransfer [-BitsJob] [-Confirm] [-WhatIf] [] DESCRIPTION The Remove-BitsTransfer cmdlet cancels a BITS transfer job. It deletes the underlying transfer job, removes any temporary files from the client, and deletes the associated BitsJob object. When the Remove-BitsTransfer cmdlet cancels a transfer job, it deletes all the transfers. Consider a scenario is which you are transferring three files. One file is completely transferred, one file is pending, and one file is currently being transferred. In this scenario, Remove-BitsTransfer cancels the whole transfer and deletes the underlying files. Any files that were already transferred will not be available after you use the Remove-BitsTransfer cmdlet to cancel the transfer job. Optionally, you can use a Complete-BitsTransfer command to commit any files that are completely downloaded and to cancel the pending and current transfers. The transferred file would not be deleted and would be available. RELATED LINKS Online version: Add-BitsFile Complete-BitsTransfer Get-BitsTransfer Resume-BitsTransfer Set-BitsTransfer Start-BitsTransfer Suspend-BitsTransfer REMARKS To see the examples, type: "get-help Remove-BitsTransfer -examples". For more information, type: "get-help Remove-BitsTransfer -detailed". For technical information, type: "get-help Remove-BitsTransfer -full".