NAME Get-ScheduledJob SYNTAX Get-ScheduledJob [[-Id] ] [] Get-ScheduledJob [-Name] [] ALIASES None REMARKS Get-Help cannot find the Help files for this cmdlet on this computer. It is displaying only partial help. -- To download and install Help files for the module that includes this cmdlet, use Update-Help. -- To view the Help topic for this cmdlet online, type: "Get-Help Get-ScheduledJob -Online" or go to

PowerShell scheduled jobs are a useful background jobs and Windows Task Scheduler tasks. PS C:\Users> Import-Module PSScheduledJob (Get-Module PSScheduledJob).ExportedCommands.Keys Add-JobTrigger Disable-JobTrigger Disable-ScheduledJob Enable-JobTrigger Enable-ScheduledJob Get-JobTrigger Get-ScheduledJob Get-ScheduledJobOption New-JobTrigger New-ScheduledJobOption Register-ScheduledJob Remove-JobTrigger Set-JobTrigger Set-ScheduledJob Set-ScheduledJobOption Unregister-ScheduledJob
Scheduled jobs have a ton of capability, like triggering when the battery status changes, when the network is connected, when the system is idle, and much more. Keep an eye out for lots of functionality from the PowerShell community in this area.