Powershell Tutorial Online


Scenario 1: Passing arguments to batch to powershell. This is powershell script we are passing 2 agrument from batch file and inside powershell script we will create 2 folder with these agrument name like Myarg1 Myarg2. Batch File

    @echo off
    Powershell.exe -File  C:\test\Pass-Arguments-from-batchfile-to-powershell.ps1 Myarg1 Myarg2
Powershell File
        MKDIR c:\test\$MyFirstArg
        MKDIR c:\test\$MySecondArg

Output After double clicking or executing batch file 2 folders should get created with given name like here Myarg1 Myarg2

Scenario 2: Passing arguments to powershell from batch. Comming soon and also we will be adding more common scenarios.