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Using Add-Content cmdlet you can append data to a text/html file.

     Add-Content c:\test\test.txt "Footer"


     Add-Content c:\test\index.html "Footer"


     Add-Content c:\test\index.html "`nFooter"
I observed in my carrer that most of the people struggle to play with special characters and escape sequence as it is differnet for each language like new line characters. So here are the special characters used in Windows PowerShell output

        `0 -- Null
        `a -- Alert
        `b -- Backspace
        `n -- New line
        `r -- Carriage return
        `t -- Horizontal tab
        `' -- Single quote
        `" -- Double quote


     Add-Content c:\test\index.html "`nFooter"

you can find more details at Powershell language special characters

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